People who have not completed their vaccination schedule represent the majority

For nearly two weeks, the number of severe cases of Covid-19 admitted to intensive care has been very worrying, on average, around thirty cases every 24 hours, pushing up the occupancy rate of dedicated Covid beds by 0.5% in mid -June, at 3.5% in the space of two weeks. The same applies to cases under artificial respiration, which went from 5 cases in mid-June to 57 cases on Sunday July 3.

Faced with this worrying increase in cases admitted to Covid intensive care, the importance of vaccination is resurfacing. For this purpose, MoroccoLatestNews UK asked Pr. Said Moutawakil, specialist in anesthesia-resuscitation and member of the Technical and Scientific Committee, on the profile of new cases admitted to Réa. Are they elderly people or people with chronic illnesses, or people who have not completed their anti-covid vaccination schedule?

On this subject, Pr. Moutawakil explains to us that the types of profiles currently admitted to intensive care are not fully vaccinated. ” There are those who have not responded to the national protocol schedule for vaccination. That is to say, they got vaccinated with two doses. The period of 6 or 8 months at the most exceeded, they are therefore considered to have never been vaccinateds”, explains the specialist.

In addition to the profiles of people who have not been vaccinated or who have not yet completed the vaccination schedule, namely one dose every 6 or 8 months, the specialist specifies that there are more and more profiles of elderly and diabetic subjects.

» More than 90% of people who have died from Covd-19 are people who have not had a full vaccination, according to national data from the start of the pandemic to today. For new admissions to REA, there are patients who did not take the treatment in time and who were late in diagnosing the disease, then people who did not complete their vaccination, i.e. who did not take the 1st and 2nd dose of anti-covid vaccine, either took the 2nd and not the 3rd, in addition to diabetics and hypertensives“, says Pr. Moutawakil.

For people totally vaccinated with 3 doses, the specialist affirms that there is a low chance that they will arrive in intensive care at 90%, thus urging citizens to continue their vaccination schedule, and to carry out the 4th dose for the categories concerned in order to avoid complications.

During this 4th wave period, unvaccinated people must do so. Those who have not taken the 3rd dose should do so to boost their immunity. And then, for the most vulnerable, i.e. over 60, diabetics and with chronic diseases that are responsible for an acquired immune deficiency, the 4th booster dose is necessary”insists Pr. Moutawakil.

As part of the update of the National Vaccination Strategy, the Ministry of Health recommended in a circular sent on July 1 to all regional health directors, the injection of a fourth dose of vaccine against -Covid to deal with the surge in cases during this summer period.

Thereby, “health services must seize the opportunity of the start of the summer season to promote vaccination against Covid-19, both the first and second dose as well as the booster and booster dose”, explains the memo.

Khalid Ait Taleb’s department also called for the consolidation of preventive measures through the correct wearing of masks, particularly in closed spaces and during gatherings, hand washing and physical distancing.


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