Nutritionist warns of common mistakes

Every year, millions of Moroccans wait impatiently for Aid Al-Adha to taste the different dishes prepared on this occasion. And every year, doctors and nutritionists warn about the bad eating habits of a number of Moroccans during this religious holiday celebrated by Muslims around the world.

In order to preserve the health and safety of Moroccans against infection by certain diseases of the digestive system, doctors and specialists in the field of nutrition are keen to guide Moroccans on how they should treat the meat of the ” sacrifice “.

In this sense, Asmaa Zrioul, nutritionist, affirms that ” most Moroccans make some mistakes in their eating behavior during Eid Al-Adha, including drinking a lot of sweet tea, and eating sweet and savory dishes, which contribute significantly to weight gain and fuels a number of health problems “.

In a statement to MoroccoLatestNewsthe nutritionist pointed to “ a number of Moroccans who forget, during Aid, the existence of other types of food beneficial to health, such as vegetables and fruits, which must not be absent from dishes and meals in order to maintain our health “.

In this regard, Asmaa Zrioul called ” diversification of foods and diets, and making sure to eat vegetables and fruits while avoiding eating only meat or a lot of meat, especially during meals on the first day of Eid al-Adha , i.e. immediately after the slaughter of the sacrifice “.

With regard to the eating habits which are associated with Eid Al-Adha and which differ from one region to another, and which are not devoid of meat immediately after the slaughter of the sheep, the nutritionist advocates in this case of “ leave the meat of the sacrifice until the next day for consumption “.

Moreover, the food specialist considers “that it is acceptable to eat the” dowara (the offal), or the head meat and again the “ Karain » (legs of the sheep) the first day of Aid » before insisting again on the consumption of the meat of the sacrifice the day after Aid, in order to avoid any infection.

It should be recalled that Morocco celebrated Aid Al-Adha on Sunday July 10 in a warm and friendly atmosphere, as Moroccans know how to do.

Moroccans have thus passed this religious ritual by calling on specialists, generally butchers, who have the necessary skills to make this complex task easier and faster.


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