Nearly 42,000 candidates passed the remedial tests

A total of 41,988 candidates enrolled in public and private education passed the tests for the remedial session of the standardized national exam for obtaining the 2022 baccalaureate, held from July 15 to 19.

The Ministry of National Education, Preschool and Sports indicates in a press release that the success rate among girls reached 82.14%, of the total number of school candidates to have passed this test, while among boys, the success rate reached 75.04% of the number of students, noting that the attendance rate during this session reached 92.67%.

With regard to the international streams of the Moroccan baccalaureate, the success rate in the two sessions reached 84.98%, while this percentage was 66.98% for the streams of the professional baccalaureate, with 6659 candidates having participated in his trials.

Thus, notes the ministry, the number of candidates enrolled in public and private education who passed the tests in the two sessions, ordinary and remedial for the year 2022, reached 273,333, with a success rate of 78.84. %, compared to 81.83% in the 2021 session.

According to the same source, the total number of free candidates who passed these tests reached 55,314, with a pass rate of 46.99% in the two sessions, compared to 56.51% in the 2021 session.

Likewise, the ministerial department congratulated all the candidates who passed their tests, saluting all the educational and administrative managers, the local, security and health authorities and all the stakeholders, for their effective contribution to the success of this important national event.


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