Municipal councilors ask for more budget for the boroughs

Some districts in Casablanca are overwhelmed and overwhelmed by the flow of citizens due to lack of budget. A point that was discussed at the recent Municipal Council held this week.

Members of the Commune of Casablanca called for “the removal of the marginalization of a certain group of boroughsat the level of the economic capital of the Kingdom, by increasing the budgets allocated to them.

During the meeting of the Municipal Council, held yesterday Thursday, the elected representatives of the majority and the opposition called for an increase in the budget allocated to the districts so that they can implement local programs.

During the study and voting process on the determination and distribution of the total allocation to the management of the boroughs during the 2023 financial year, the councilors stressed the need to adopt criteria other than the criterion of popular density.

The acting president of the advisory group of the Authenticity and Modernity Party (PAM), Karim El-Klibi, stressed that the budgets allocated to the districts do not respond to the proximity policy raised by the latter, stressing that some of them subject to injustice and inequity.

In his speech on behalf of the PAM group, the same municipal councilor stressed that the Council must take into account, in the drafting of these budgets, the territorial area covered by the district, as well as the criterion of fragility which distinguishes a district from another.

For his part, Abdelghani Merhani, of the Istiqlal Party, called for “the correction of the course in the budget of the boroughs“, by increasing the allocation intended for it, before emphasizing that the needs in the districts of the economic capital exceed what is programmed for them financially, which requires rectifying the previous administrative process.

Also vice-president of the district of Sidi Moumen, Merhani did not fail to raise the suffering experienced by his districts insisting on “the need for the interaction of the Municipal Council in order to remedy this situation in the investment program, as well as in the framework of the municipal development program“.

It should be recalled that during this Municipal Council of Casablanca, the session saw the approval of the increase in the share of local animation of the total allocation to the arrondissements to 10%, after the proposed share had been fixed at 7%.


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