MREs criticize the increase in sea crossing prices

Despite the efforts made, many citizens of occupied Sebta continue to express their discomfort with the process of crossing the strait. Some say that shipping companies are taking advantage of this opportunity to raise prices, and others criticize the long waiting time.

Spanish media quoted statements from citizens criticizing the poor organization, and one of the passengers said: ” Two ships that we had booked for 70 euros were canceled and we had to board another ship and pay 109 euros in the end. It is abuse. They take advantage of people who have no choice but to buy that ticket to get home, so they are scams, because they price people’s needs excessively”.

According to what was reported by Ceuta TV, dozens of residents of the occupied presidency again spent more than three hours in the hallway reserved for residents, under intense heat, while the exit designated for the Marhaba operation remained empty.

About 8,000 vehicles passed from Sebta to Morocco over the weekend, and forecasts indicate that the number of cars arriving from the port of Algeciras will increase significantly from next Thursday.

Last Thursday, the enclave of Loma Colmenara registered 2,205 vehicles, including 988 residents, and 1,037 MRE.

On Friday, the number reached 2,351 vehicles and 787 citizens, and on Saturday another 2,351 vehicles and 707 citizens, and on Sunday it fell to 976 vehicles and 486 citizens.

Residents of Sebta had earlier staged a protest on Friday night in Loma Colmenar over the long waits they endured to cross the occupied town.

Nasser Bourita, Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans Residing Abroad, had previously indicated that the preliminary figures related to the transit operation confirm the return of Moroccans residing abroad in increasing numbers, two years after the Covid-19 pandemic.

For his part, Mustapha Baitas, Minister Delegate to the Prime Minister in charge of Relations with Parliament, official government spokesman, said at a press conference after the meeting of the Government Council last Thursday that a number of measures have been taken along five main axes. This involves ensuring the fluidity of travel, setting up service infrastructures, ensuring safety and security conditions, communication and administrative support, as well as consular support, to welcome arrived in the best conditions.


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