Morocco will not allow anyone to harm our Algerian brothers

King Mohammed VI devoted, on Saturday evening, part of his speech to the 23rd anniversary of his accession to the Throne, to Algeria. The Sovereign called for promoting the values ​​of good neighborliness and preserving fraternity to “offer a fine example” of harmony between the Maghreb peoples.

The Sovereign once again set an example by reiterating his wish to see the Moroccan and Algerian people reunited without borders separating them and that they can fully express their fraternity and their good neighborliness. However, he said that despite these borders, this did not prevent Algerians and Moroccans from being close and talking to each other.

“I stress once again that the borders which separate the Moroccan people and the brotherly Algerian people will never be barriers preventing their interaction and understanding. Our wish is that these borders become bridges allowing Morocco and Algeria to have access to a better future and to offer a fine example of harmony to the other Maghreb peoples”, declared King Mohammed VI.

And the Sovereign called on Moroccans to “preserve the spirit of brotherhood, solidarity and good neighborliness which animates them with regard to our Algerian brothers”.

In his speech, King Mohammed VI also assured that “Morocco and Moroccans will always stand” alongside the Algerian brothers “in all circumstances”.

He thus brushed aside the “allegations of irresponsible individuals” who are trying to “sow discord between the two brotherly peoples”, by insinuating that Moroccans would insult Algeria and Algerians.

“These gossip about Moroccan-Algerian relations is totally senseless and sincerely appalling,” he said, affirming: “As far as We are concerned, We have never allowed or will allow anyone to harm our brothers and neighbours”.

Addressing the Moroccan people, King Mohammed VI once again showed his openness and his “firm will” to find a solution to the current situation between Morocco and Algeria and to “promote rapprochement, communication and understanding between the two peoples.

“We aspire to work with the Algerian presidency so that Morocco and Algeria can work, hand in hand, to establish normal relations between two brotherly peoples, united by history, human ties and the community of destiny,” he said, launching an opportunity for the Algerian presidency to improve relations between the two countries and move forward towards full reconciliation.


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