Morocco takes part in the Unified Football World Cup in the USA

The Moroccan selection, made up of players from Special Olympics Morocco (SOM) and the International University of Rabat (UIR), will take part in the Unified Football World Cup, which will take place from July 30 to August 6, in Detroit, United States.

Aged 18 to 21, the 16 players who make up the national team are Mohamed Akhrikhir, Abdelhaq Aktiri, Bilal Benhas, Sif-Eddine Masbaq, Mostafa-Yassin Rby, M’hammed El Boubsi, Salah Eddine Es Sadraoui, Yassir Herouch and Brahim Kartasse from SOM and Ilyas Boutayb, Ilias Didi Alaoui, Mohamed Ihab Draiss, Ali Fadile, Aymane Khechab, Youssef Lakssir, Yasser Louzane and Ahmedamine Mekkaoui from UIR.

Morocco’s participation in the Unified Football World Cup is indeed part of the implementation of the partnership agreement, signed between Special Olympics Morocco and the International University of Rabat (UIR).“Said a press release from the SOM.

Determined and ready to defend the colors of the Kingdom, the Special Olympics Morocco specifies that the Moroccan players trained during a concentration within the International University of Rabat.

Regarding the Moroccan delegation that will participate in this competition, it also includes Nassim Cherradi, head of the delegation, the former Moroccan footballer Aziz Bouderbala, ambassador of Special Olympics Morocco, as well as the coach of the national team Ilyas Bentaleb , his assistant Jaafar Tagmouti and the team doctor, Nadia Chafiq.

The Unified Football World Cup will bring together 22 teams from 21 countries, including four from the MENA region, namely Morocco and Saudi Arabia in the men’s category, as well as Egypt and the United Arab Emirates in the women’s category. .

Following the draw, the national team was placed in Group A, alongside the United States, Brazil, South Korea and Nigeria, SOM said, noting that the national team will play their first match against the South Korean team, on August 1, at 2 a.m. (Moroccan time).


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