Morocco Sponsors Opening of Allenby Bridge for Palestinians

The Palestinians will be able to resume international flights and reach Jordan in particular with the opening of the Allenby Bridge, thanks to an intervention by King Mohammed VI and Morocco in favor of a lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

The 24/7 opening of the Allenby Bridge to Jordan was sponsored by Morocco, Israeli Transport Minister Merv Michaeli said. This reopening would not have been possible without the intervention of Morocco, a country which stands out for its excellent relations with both Israel and Palestine.

I thank US President Joe Biden, King Mohammed VI and the Kingdom of Morocco for their commitment and continued efforts to promote peace and prosperity in the Middle East.”she said.

This decision comes in the context of a visit to Joe Biden and should materialize as soon as the logistical conditions are ripe, including the recruitment of the required workforce.

Transport Minister Michaeli and her team have been in contact for several months with American, Moroccan and Palestinian elements in order to achieve the continued opening of the Allenby crossing point between Israel and Jordan.

It is a decision that joins a series of measures promoted by Minister Michaeli to reopen Israel’s civilian border crossings, and aims to strengthen regional ties and cooperation.


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