Morocco, able to play the "strategic" role of bridge between America and Africa

Thanks to a dynamic of successful development and an in-depth knowledge of Africa, Morocco is able to fulfill the “strategic” role of bridge between the United States and African economies, underlines Global Policy Institute, an American think tank based in Washington.

In an article entitled “business in Africa goes through Morocco”, signed by its president Paolo von Schirach, the think tank notes that the choice of Morocco to host the USA-Africa Business Summit (Marrakech 19-22 July current) does not was not fortuitous, especially since the Kingdom has succeeded, over the years, in developing and strengthening its political and business relations with several countries in the rest of the continent, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa.

Emphasizing that Morocco has a strong presence on the African continent, particularly through its banks and investment funds, the author of the article points out that these financial institutions are involved with their counterparts in other African countries likely to foster synergies for more transformational investments.

He also noted that the Moroccan economy is linked to the United States by a free trade agreement, recalling that the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), an American federal agency, has just signed an agreement with the Moroccan government for the financing of new industrial parks to accommodate promising companies.

For the think tank, Morocco is positioned as “serious partner” able to attract more American investment and able to play a “vital role as a bridge and meeting point between America and the economies of the African continent”.

Thanks to serious and long-standing efforts to promote the momentum of socio-economic development, Morocco is today a middle-income country with state-of-the-art industrial parks, polytechnic universities and a workforce. young, multilingual and highly qualified work, points out the American research center, recalling that the World Economic Forum has ranked Morocco as the most competitive economy in North Africa.

He added that the Kingdom has leveraged its huge phosphate deposits to enable Office Cherifien des Phosphates (OCP), a diversified fertilizer company that also provides advanced agricultural advisory services to countries, mainly African, where it exports its products.

Referring to the 14th edition of the USA-Africa Business Summit recently organized in Marrakech by the Moroccan government, in partnership with the Corporate Council on Africa” (CCA), Paolo von Schirach reported “genuine optimism” about the real opportunities American investment in Africa and partnership with companies on the continent.

Placed under the high patronage of King Mohammed VI, this event was attended by a large American government delegation, African ministers and decision-makers from the largest American multinationals and African business circles. It served as an opportunity to establish future-oriented US-Morocco-Africa tripartite business partnerships.


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