Moroccan mediation for the opening of Allenby: Tributes are multiplying

The Allenby/King Hussein border post, linking the West Bank and Jordan, is now open permanently, 24/7, thanks to the direct mediation of the Kingdom of Morocco, and the unfailing commitment of King Mohammed VI.

This direct involvement of the Sovereign, Chairman of the Al Quds Committee, did not fail to arouse reactions that unanimously hailed “an initiative in favor of peace in the region”.
The first to “comment” was the Israeli Minister of Transport, Merav Michaeli, directly involved in this file.

His Majesty the King played a decisive role during this important process for the reopening of this crossing point.she said, saluting “ the Sovereign’s firm commitment to peace in this region“.

On the Palestinian side, where the Allenby/King Hussein position is the only opening to the world, the political and diplomatic efforts deployed by Morocco and its King have been highlighted at different levels.

In this sense, Khalil Al-Tafakji, director of the cartography department at Bayt Al-charq, indicated that Israel’s decision to open the Allenby border crossing, which connects the West Bank to Jordan, is the result of the diplomacy” soft and serene led King Mohammed VI, away from the spotlight.

Moroccan diplomacy has demonstrated, once again, that it is ” a gentle and serene diplomacy at the service of the Palestinians and the Palestinian cause”, he said, recalling that the Sovereign, as chairman of the Al-Quds Committee, has always supported the resistance of the Maqdessis and the preservation of the cultural and civilizational identity of the holy city.

The opening of the Allenby border crossing, the only one linking the West Bank to Jordan, will help improve the lives of Palestinians, preserve their dignity and guarantee them smooth freedom of movement outside the Palestinian territories, he said. he adds.

For his part, Said Chahin, professor of media at the Palestinian University of Hebron, estimated that ” the political and diplomatic efforts of the Sovereign, who maintains strong and personal relations with the United States, invested in this direction, have made it possible to convince Israel of the feasibility of opening this vital passage”.

Morocco has played and continues to play a central role in supporting the Palestinian cause at all levels, underlined the expert, who supported ” thanks to the direct mediation of Morocco under the leadership of the King and the United States, this important step facilitates the operation of displacement of the Palestinians, puts an end to the tragedy and the sufferings of displacement of the Palestinians, and allows them to live a a better life that preserves their dignity and their rights”.

For him, the opening of this crossing point will contribute to make an important leap in the improvement of the life of the Palestinians, because it is the only outlet of the Palestinian people towards the world, explaining that the Palestinians were obliged to pass days and nights to obtain a mobility permit to cross the level crossing, which was open seasonally and intermittently.

Furthermore, the international press has also highlighted the significance of this initiative, recalling in this regard that during a telephone interview with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas Abou Mazen, following the restoration of relations between Morocco and Israel, the Sovereign had assured that the Kingdom always places the Palestinian question on the same level as the question of the Moroccan Sahara (…) and that Morocco’s action to consecrate the Moroccanness of the Sahara “will never be done, either today or in the future, to the detriment of the struggle of the Palestinian people for their legitimate rights”.

The Israeli press noted that Moroccan, American, Palestinian and Israeli work teams had worked together over the past few months to keep the crossing open 24/7.

This initiative received greater impetus with the visit of the American president, and the decision will materialize as soon as the logistical conditions are met, in particular the recruitment of the necessary personnel, put forward the Hebrew state media.

On the Arab side, it is unanimously underlined that the mediation carried out by the Kingdom of Morocco and the United States reflects the interest shown by King Mohammed VI in the Palestinian cause and the living conditions of the Palestinians.

This mediation in favor of the Palestinians has also been welcomed in Europe. MEP Andrey Kovachev described this step as‘”an important step towards peace in the region”.

Deep gratitude to King Mohammed VI for the key role he played in this important step towards peace and reconciliation in the region,” tweeted the MEP and spokesperson for enlargement and the southern neighborhood of the European People’s Party.

Similarly, a senior official in President Joe Biden’s Administration praised ” the major role played by the Kingdom of Morocco, under the leadership of King Mohammed VI, in the mediation for the 24/7 opening of the Allenby/King Hussein border post, linking the West Bank and Jordan.

This decision by Israel to open this border post, which constitutes the only opening of the Palestinians to the world, marks the use, for the first time, by an Arab country of its power to mediate between Israelis and Palestinians with a view to to operate ” a significant change in policy,” said the US official, whose remarks are reported by a widely circulated Israeli newspaper.

The mediation efforts led by the Kingdom of Morocco and the United States, with senior Israeli, Jordanian and Palestinian officials, constitute a collective dynamic “ who made the differencehe welcomed.

It should be noted that the opening of Allenby, will be effective soon as soon as the logistical conditions are met, and will have beneficial effects on the daily life of the Palestinians by facilitating the movement of people and goods.


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