Moroccan chef Najat Kaanache awarded in Spain

Moroccan chef Najat Kaanache won the “Pioneer Chef” award, given by the prestigious Spanish magazine “ELLE”.

This distinction was awarded to Najat Kaanache, who presents a program dedicated to Moroccan cuisine on “Canal Cocina”, during the “ELLE Gourmet Awards 2022” gala, held this beginning of the week in the presence of several Spanish personalities from the world of politics. , art, culture and media.

For the organizers, “Najat Kaanache understands the concept of fusion perfectly. She knows how to combine Moroccan and Spanish gastronomy, as can be tasted in Nur, her restaurant in Fez”.

“There is no one better than Najat Kaanache to win the Pioneer Chef award,” said the jury.

Note that Najat, owner and chef of the NUR restaurant in Fez, is acclaimed by critics, both in Europe, the United States and Latin America. She applies different techniques that she learned abroad from world-renowned chefs, with whom she worked, before turning to Moroccan cuisine.

Today, it highlights Moroccan gastronomy, paying homage to the cultural and agricultural diversity of Morocco, so jealously preserved.

Najat grew up in the Spanish Basque Country with her family. She first studied theater and cinema in Madrid and London for two and a half years, before deciding to follow her heart by moving to the Netherlands, to start working as a chef, first as an independent. She will then work in the most prestigious restaurants on the planet.


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