Miraoui sets up a committee to assess diplomas from Eastern Europe

The crisis of Moroccan students in Ukraine has revealed other problems in the national education sector. These include the “credibility” and quality of diplomas obtained in Eastern European countries, which jeopardize any equivalence. A ministerial mission will try to solve the problem.

Moroccan students studying abroad, particularly in Eastern Europe, face new challenges, led by the recognition of their diplomas in Morocco.

During a session of oral questions in the House of Councilors on Tuesday evening, the Minister of Higher Education, Abdellatif Miraoui, indicated that a ministerial committee was going to visit several countries in Eastern Europe to assess local schools and universities.

The Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation will therefore dispatch this committee so that Moroccan high school graduates wishing to study in an Eastern European country are better oriented towards higher institutes and grandes écoles. credible, so as not to waste years studying to finally obtain diplomas which will have no value once they return to Morocco.

The committee “will make an inventory of institutions that we believe offer us valid degrees in a number of countries, such as Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria and Poland,” the minister said.

“We don’t want our children to go (to study) just anywhere,” he said.

And to add: “We will provide our students with an inventory of schools, colleges and universities whose diplomas will have no problem being recognized, so that they do not waste their time”.

“Study abroad is not all the same (in terms of quality), and there are institutions that are out of the loop and don’t have degrees that can be given credit,” he said. minister.

Asked about Moroccan students in Ukraine awaiting their diplomas, Miraoui conceded: Given the war that continues in Ukraine, “the case is difficult”.

He explained in the sense that the universities only deliver the diplomas by hand to their holders. “We tried to contact the Ministry of Higher Education in Ukraine, but there was no response from them,” he said.


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