Miraoui informs the deans of the faculties of the entry into force of the decision

The reduction of one year of the course in medicine in Morocco has been recorded. The Minister of Higher Education sent a circular to the deans of the faculties of medicine in the Kingdom as well as the directors of the regional academies informing them of the entry into force of the decision to reduce the duration of studies by one year in medicine from 7 to 6 years.

As part of the overhaul of the health system, the decision came into force to remedy, among other things, the shortage of doctors in the Kingdom, knowing that the country is in the midst of the generalization of social and medical coverage.

In addition to the entry into force of the decision, the Minister of Higher Education, Abdellatif Miraoui, also revealed to the deans of the faculties of medicine in Morocco as well as the directors of the regional academies the conditions for submitting applications for students wishing to take the general medicine, pharmacy or dentistry competition for the 2022-23 academic year.

Thus, the submission of applications is scheduled between July 5 and 25, 2022, indicates the circular signed by the Minister, noting that, like in recent years, the competitions will be organized at the same time for the different sectors in medicine and will also be managed at the level of the cursussup.gov.ma/medecine platform, can we read in the circular.

Furthermore, it is also mentioned that the number of university seats within the faculties of medicine reached 3,924 seats nationwide, including 3,489 seats for training in general medicine (3,369 civilians and 120 military) and 435 seats for the pharmacy training, while 355 seats were dedicated to dental training (325 civilian and 30 military).

For students wishing to apply for public medicine in Morocco, certain conditions must be required, underlines the circular. The student must be enrolled in the second year baccalaureate 2021-22 in the mathematical sciences or experimental sciences streams or have a baccalaureate certificate in the mathematical sciences or experimental sciences stream for the year 2020-21.

After submitting the application within the aforementioned deadlines, the candidate must then choose between the three courses (medicine, pharmacy, dentistry) according to his choice and taking into account the geographical distribution of the different faculties according to the place of detention of the candidate. baccalaureate certificate, specifies the circular. After the announced date, no candidate will be able to register for the competition or change the order of their choices, underlines the same source.

For its part, the National Commission of Medical Students in Morocco (CNEM) has expressed its refusal to reduce the medical course by one year. In a press release announcing a national internship strike on July 5, the date of the launch of the submission of applications for the competition, the CNEM estimated that the reduction in the duration of training from seven to six years arouses “ many concerns about the quality of training, mainly with regard to the quality of the diploma and its internationality and the training conditions in the sixth year, which must be detailed “.

“Instead of making decisions aimed at expanding the training grounds of hospitals and improving the quality of medical and pharmaceutical training, unilateralism persists in addition to pursuing policies that threaten the country’s health sector through decisions destructive »lamented the Commission.


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