Meta now offers translation in 200 languages

Meta, Facebook’s parent company, announced on Wednesday that an updated version of its machine learning-based language translation engine can now process 200 different languages.

This artificial intelligence (AI) technology, dubbed NLB-200, is part of Facebook’s “No Language Left Behind” initiative. An earlier version could translate between 100 languages.

Meta will use the system to process more than 25 billion translations a day, while opening up the model and other resources and awarding grants to nonprofits with ideas on how to use this technology.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, said in a Facebook post that this template will not only be used across Meta’s various products and services, but will also be available on github for anyone to use.

“We just released an AI model we built that can translate into 200 different languages, many of which are not supported by current translation systems,” he said.

Meta has also partnered with the Wikimedia Foundation, which uses this technology to translate articles into 20 languages ​​for which there are few or no machine language resources.


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