Mehdi Qotbi's creations by Brigitte Macron

We remember, in November 2017, the first lady of France Brigitte Macron, had worn in the great mosque Sheikh Zayed of Abu Dhabi a scarf of Mehdi Qotbi, made by the latter in collaboration with the house Dior.

She thus paid a fine tribute to the work of the Moroccan artist-painter and president of the National Museums Foundation (FNM), whose pictorial work she greatly appreciates. In September 2020 she displayed herself with a mask offered by the artist-painter Mehdi Qotbi, during a trip to the Gers.

On this same momentum, the first French lady has just adopted the shoes created by the Moroccan artist-painter. During a meeting in June at the presidential palace with the artist, Brigitte Macron, reiterated France’s commitment to supporting cultural exchanges with Morocco.

She is committed to supporting collaboration between the major French museum institutions and the FNM, whose work she has praised for the promotion of art on several occasions. Mehdi Qotbi told a local magazine.

These shoes that the wife of the French President wore were moccasins adorned with motifs taken from the canvases of the Moroccan artist-painter. Made in small numbers (150 pieces) with the participation of a young shoemaker from Casablanca, Reda Dlou, these shoes are destined to become collector’s items.

The first lady has great benevolence towards creators and artists, she is driven by the conviction that art and culture are the best vector of dialogue between civilizations and religions. “, underlined the president of the National Federation of Museums (FNM).

And to add: She is a woman passionate about art, culture and has great taste. She is also very generous. I have a respectful friendship with her”.

They are fortunately like him, men and women who maintain this relational flame between the Kingdom of Morocco and the French Republic.

The Permanent Secretary of the Academy of the Kingdom of Morocco, Abdeljalil Lahjomri, recently decorated by France with the insignia of Commander of the French Order of Academic Palms, during a ceremony organized at the French residence in Rabat, is one of them. drawing.

The French ambassador to Morocco, Hélène Le Gal, said she was delighted to “to be able to distinguish a man of letters, of culture, a great professional in education unanimously appreciated, who has been for more than 60 years at the interface between France and Morocco”.

The Gal expressed on occasion “huge gratitude” of France for the exceptional commitment of Abdeljalil Lahjomri to the service of the two countries, their cultures, their languages ​​and their common heritage, highlighting his remarkable career, both as ambassador of French and Moroccan cultures and craftsman of the relationship between the two countries, which he has enriched with constancy and passion.

Morocco/France: The creations of Mehdi Qotbi by Brigitte Macron


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