Mayara speaks with the German Ambassador to Morocco

The Speaker of the House of Councilors, Naama Mayara, had talks on Wednesday with the German Ambassador to Morocco, Robert Dölger, focused on bilateral cooperation and the means to deepen it, in addition to the exchange of views on several regional issues of common interest.

On this occasion, Naama Mayara highlighted the new stage in bilateral relations, under the leadership of King Mohammed VI and the German President, said a statement from the Chamber.

He also stressed the importance of the German experience in the economic and political fields and more particularly regionalization and participatory democracy.

Naama Mayara also insisted on the role of joint parliamentary action in the development of bilateral relations, highlighting the importance of the friendship and cooperation group set up by the Chamber to support this dynamic.

For his part, Robert Dölger recalled the conditions for reviving bilateral political and diplomatic cooperation that open up prospects for a prosperous common future, calling for its areas to be expanded to encompass renewable energies, the fight against drought and food security.

The diplomat also stressed the importance of consolidating bilateral parliamentary cooperation, expressing the firm determination of Germany and the EU to deepen cooperation with Morocco.

On the political level, Naama Mayara wanted to express his great consideration for the new German position on the question of the Moroccan Sahara, supporting the autonomy plan, noting that this position comes in addition to other constructive positions of countries European countries including Spain and the Netherlands.

In this regard, the German diplomat underlined that his country’s position constitutes a new framework for bilateral cooperation, reiterating Germany’s support for UN efforts aimed at finding a lasting and acceptable solution to this regional conflict.

The meeting was an opportunity to highlight the convergence of the views of the two parties on several regional issues, in particular the Sahelo-Saharan region which faces challenges related to terrorism, organized crime, drought and famine. among others.

On the other hand, the President of the House of Councilors raised the issue of illegal migration, pleading for a global approach and the support of all parties concerned to solve this problem.


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