Maluma cancels his concert in Marrakech but not in Spain

Maluma’s long-awaited concert in Marrakech has been canceled for reasons that are still unclear. The announcement was made in the afternoon of Thursday, June 30, by the organizers of the event, then by the media partner of the event.

While he was supposed to perform this Friday, July 1st at the Grand Stade in Marrakech alongside El Grande Toto, our Moroccan rapper, Maluma, whose real name is Juan Luis Londono, canceled his appearance at the last minute, while Thousands of spectators had already purchased their tickets.

We inform you that the concert is officially cancelled. We will let you know the details as soon as possible. Thanks for understanding“Wrote the instagram page Papi.Juancho.marrakech, in charge of the event.

For its part, the media partner said it was sorry for the cancellation of the concert of the Colombian singer, who is on a European tour, ” due to independent circumstances » of his will and even advances « undetermined reasons“.

Going back to Maluma’s instagram page, the singer shared, a few hours before the announcement, a photo of sub-Saharan migrants lying on the ground during the June 24 assault on the metal fence between Nador and the enclave of Melilla with the caption in Spanish: ” My God, what is it? Where is humanity going if we continue like this? “.

If the reasons for this cancellation are related to the drama that occurred at the busy presidency, the Colombian singer did not however announce the cancellation of his concert planned in Spain. Indeed, as part of its Europa Tour 2022“, Maluma was to perform in Morocco before heading to Spain for several dates” exclusive notably in Madrid (July 8), Valencia (July 7), La Coruna (July 15), Palma De Mallorca (July 17), Murcia (July 21), Marbella (July 20) and Chiclane De La Frontera (July 22).

In a statement to the Moroccan press, the organizer of the Colombian singer’s concert said that the cancellation of the event is linked to Maluma’s publication on migrants.

In any case, in Morocco thousands of Maluma fans, having probably already seen him on stage at Mawazine in 2019, have bought the tickets and are waiting for clear and clear explanations, in particular on the terms of reimbursement.


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