luggage, delays, cancellations... the hell of the airports in question

For the air, the sky seems to take on colors. And for good reason, passengers are starting to travel more and more in view of the restrictions linked to the pandemic which have been lifted. All good!

Except, that in this so-called summer of recovery, those who plan to travel to vacation destinations, work… by plane have been frustrated by the chaos that reigns in the aviation sector both at airports and in the operation of flights. and traffic. Both in North America and in Europe, thousands of flights have been canceled or delayed and hundreds of thousands of passengers are experiencing disruptions that darken their horizons even before taking off.

But not only ! on the ground when sometimes we manage to find a seat on board and take off for a trip, these are cases “independent of our will” or even cases of force majeure which spoil the pleasure of travelling. Indeed, there are countless lost luggage, itinerary irregularities, delayed or canceled flights, in short, the small miseries caused by malfunctions of all kinds.

Additionally, airlines (not all of which are able to meet supply) have taken advantage of recent travel demand to restore their aircraft numbers and flight schedules to nearly 80% of what they were. The resulting amount of theft has strained the capacity of the sector’s support infrastructure and personnel. The enthusiasm is such that it becomes “desperately looking for ground handling agents, baggage handlers and other aviation-related jobs”.

And when social movements get involved, it’s lady cata who points her nose on the horizon. In Europe, strike movements were not long in coming, as in Paris at Roissy where airport staff began a strike last weekend and which should continue every weekend. Among the striking protesters, the baggage handlers, who are asking for salary and staff increases. Result: blocked luggage, which some travelers have been waiting for several days. Madrid, London, even Amsterdam are not to be outdone and must face up to the miseries of exploitation as well as the social discontent that also affects many airlines in addition to airports.

But it must be said that this lack of staff has forced many of them to reduce their activities, such as the two London airports or that of Amsterdam (Schiphol) in the Netherlands. In France at ADP (Airports of Paris), the social movement of July 2 and 3 caused significant delays and the weekend is back. But these disturbances have repercussions on the other destinations which indirectly suffer the consequences.

For us in Morocco, Royal Air Maroc reassures that this has certainly impacts, but extremely minimal and on only a few lines like these three cities and a few others in Europe, but only each time that a voluntary and collective cessation of the work of the share of airport personnel is announced. What is not, either, the daily life of these airports. Casually there are days when everything is going well and that’s good for our sky. In the meantime, it is recommended to be at the airport 3 hours before departure for a medium-haul and four hours for a long-haul.


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