local service to the delight of customers

As Aid Al Adha approaches, the “hotels for sheep”, one of the small seasonal trades linked to this special occasion, are reappearing to offer their service to Moroccans who have difficulty finding a place to house the animal destined for sacrifice. .

Like the sale of charcoal and fodder for livestock, the cutting of meat from sheep and the collection and drying of their skins, sheep hotels, which are often stores, empty garages or tents fitted out for the occasion, offer young people an opportunity to generate additional income.

The inhabitants of the districts, who have no place to keep their sheep in view of the lack of space of the houses or the absence of a private roof, can now deposit their animals in “a hotel for sheep”, for a fixed sum. in advance.

In these hotels, the sheep are safe, well housed and fed and this, from until the day before or even the morning of Aid. Also, these “hotels” become essential for families who no longer have to worry about the cleanliness of their accommodation, nor the care of the sheep during the days before Aid.

Badr, a father of two, said he prefers to leave his sheep in ” the sheep hotel » due to the small size of his apartment. “Previously, when there was no such accommodation for sheep, I had to empty the space dedicated to the laundry room to put the sheep there”he said.

For her part, Fatima, a stay-at-home mother, indicated that for four years and since the roof of their building is not so secure, she buys her sheep a week before the Eid holiday and puts it in the garage of the building opposite, remodeled in “sheep hotel”.

“In addition to safety, I no longer have to worry about cleaning up waste, watching over food, or putting up with the smell of sheep”she continued.

With a lifespan of less than ten days, this ephemeral job allows several young people to generate an income allowing them to contribute to the needs of their families, especially on the occasion of this holiday which requires a special budget for the preparations and which could even cover the price of mutton.

This year, the supply of sheep and goats for Eid slaughter is estimated at nearly 8 million head, for an estimated global demand of around 5.6 million head, of which 5.1 million sheep and 500,000 goats, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, Maritime Fisheries, Rural Development and Waters and Forests.

The Ministry of Agriculture, in collaboration with the Ministry of the Interior, ensures close monitoring of the supply of the various markets to closely observe the prices of the animals marketed, particularly at the level of supermarkets, rural souks and main points of sale in cities, as well as monitoring of the health status of animals by the veterinary services of the National Food Safety Office (ONSSA).


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