Live. The cause is "human" and here is the extent of the damage

Fires broke out in several municipalities in northern Morocco, almost simultaneously. The losses in forest massif are estimated at nearly 1400 hectares in total and according to a source within Waters and Forests, the cause of these fires is “human”.

One death and nearly 1,100 families have been evacuated as a preventive measure since the outbreak of the forest fires which are currently ravaging northern Morocco.

According to the latest available information collected by MoroccoLatestNews FR from local officials of the Department of Water and Forests, the number of ongoing fires has risen to 5 and the area destroyed is estimated at nearly 1,400 hectares in total.

There are 5 forest fires declared at the national level at the moment, and they have not been brought under control so far. The temperatures are extremely high, they reach up to 42 or even 43 degrees”said in a statement to MoroccoLatestNews FR, Fouad Assali, Head of the National Center for Forest Climate Risk Management.

Areas destroyed by the flames

In detail, these 5 fires destroyed nearly 800 hectares in “Lkoulla”, and 80 to 100 hectares in Sahel El Menzla near Larache. “A still lively fire is underway in Moukrisate in the Ouezzane region and the destroyed forest cover is estimated at between 200 and 240 hectares”, we are told.

Regarding Tetouan, nearly 50 hectares went up in smoke, while in Taza, precisely in Tahma, it is 340 hectares consumed by flames, explains our source.

“So far the total area consumed by forest fires is estimated at 1390 or even 1400 hectares,” said Fouad Assali contacted on site by MoroccoLatestNews FR.

These fires occur in a very bad period in climatic terms “he reacted, emphasizing the “strong heat and the winds of Chergui, very strong which can reach 30 to 35km / h, which influenced the turn taken by these forest fires”.

As soon as the winds begin to break out, the fires are rekindled and new ones break out. For the moment the situation seems calm but around 2 p.m. the fires start again”indicated for his part Abdelmadjid Nafaa, Provincial Director of Water and Forests of Larache, from the scene of the fires.

The human factor involved

The second element underlined by the head of the National Center for the Management of Forest Climate Risks is that it is a matter of “fires that broke out and spread simultaneously in the same region with the exception of those in Tahla”.

An investigation at the level of the royal gendarmerie has been opened to determine the causes of these fires, but the human factor is undeniable.

“All these fires are the consequence of a human factor”, decided Fouad Assali specifying that it can be as much negligence, a grouped act, or a premeditated act.

To control the fires, the elements of the Waters and Forests, the Civil Protection, the local authorities, the Royal Armed Forces, the Royal Gendarmerie, and the Auxiliary Forces, are all mobilized, indicates our source noting that the men of the civil protection “do an amazing job” on the spot

Around midday on Friday, 4 Royal Air Force Canadairs and 3 Royal Gendarmerie Turbo Trush planes were in the midst of a response and were flying over the fires, added the same source explaining “that there are between 350 and 500 men present at each declared fire”.


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