large victory for the ruling party in the senatorial elections after the assassination of Shinzo Abe

Japan’s ruling party and its allies secured a “super majority” in senatorial elections, just days after the assassination of former prime minister Shinzo Abe, local media reported on Monday.

The Liberal Democratic Party (PLD, nationalist right) to which Shinzo Abe belonged, and his ally the Komeito, strengthened their position by winning more than 75 of the 125 seats to be filled in the Upper House, according to national media – the Senate has 248 seats, half of which are renewed every three years.

They now have a two-thirds “super-majority” of the Senate ready to change the country’s pacifist constitution to strengthen its military role on the world stage – a longtime goal of Shinzo Abe.

Admitting defeat, Kenta Izumi, leader of the opposition Constitutional Democratic Party, said it was clear that “the voters did not want to change and entrust us with the government”according to Kyodo News.

The participation rate was only 52%, according to the data available at this stage.

“I think it is important that the elections were able to be held normally”commented Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, adding that he would tackle the important current issues, the Covid, Ukraine and inflation.


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