Lahlimi for a change in agricultural policy

The High Commissioner for Planning, Ahmed Lahlimi, underlined, on Thursday in Rabat, the need to change agricultural policy and give more importance to family farms.

Speaking at a meeting dedicated to the presentation of the exploratory economic budget for 2022 and 2023, Mr. Lahlimi said that family farms have accumulated significant know-how in the management of scarcity and drought. Agricultural policy should, in fact, bet more on the small farmer, especially in the context of drought, he recommended.

Ahmed Lahlimi, also noted that the national economy is still dependent on climatic hazards and the evolution of the agricultural sector, believing that the break must be made by the rise in gain and speed of non-agricultural products.

In addition, he mentioned the need to improve the return on investment, adding that the investment rate is around 30% of GDP, but is not reflected in growth, hence the importance of the principles of exemplarity. moral.

This is essentially the fight against corruption and the simplification of administrative procedures, explained Ahmed Lahlimi, welcoming the adoption of the draft framework law forming the Investment Charter which will increase the attractiveness of the national economy.

In addition, the High Commissioner for Planning pointed out that the effects of the covid-19 crisis have caused Morocco to lose the equivalent of 2 and a half years of growth and three years of efforts to fight poverty.

Faced with all these losses suffered, Ahmed Lahlimi, called for national solidarity, and not to overburden the state, businesses or households.

He also affirmed that it would certainly be necessary to move to a new level of growth for the next five years, by accelerating the rhythm of the structural reforms envisaged in the New Development Model.

On the international side, the High Commissioner for Planning assured that this is an unprecedented context and that the problems linked to the increase in the prices of raw materials and energy are likely to persist.


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