James Inhofe's pious wish to relocate the African Lion from Morocco

US Senator James Inhofe, known for his pro-Polisario positions in the US Senate, asked that the United States consider holding the next editions of the African Lion military exercise outside Morocco.

I have heard rumors that the Department of Defense is considering plans to downgrade support to US Africa Command. I strongly oppose it. AFRICOM needs more resources, not less. I was happy to secure the commitments of candidates to lead AFRICOM and SOCOM to ensure we have the support we need there“.

This good old Jim (87 years old), a very interested friend of Algeria and his henchman of the polisario and very certainly aware that ridicule does not kill has added this sentence “Because Morocco has shown no willingness to resolve the Western Sahara issue, the United States should evaluate alternative locations to host our annual military exercises.“. Until proven otherwise, it is not the Kingdom that is withdrawing from the resolutions of the UN Security Council, including the round tables, but its proteges or protectors.

An open secret, Algeria does not skimp on throwing its petrodollars here and there in order to hire American lobbying firms in the sole hope of sabotaging Morocco’s diplomatic successes and above all bringing down the American decision to recognize the Moroccanity of the Sahara. . The most illustrious of them, which in the end is only a subcontractor for a lost cause, is the firm Keene Consulting, belonging to David Keene, Republican senator and ex-boss of the powerful National Rifle Association (NRA ), a powerful lobby of arms carriers, particularly in the US Congress.

Algiers secured his services in 2018 by giving him the “unofficial” mission, one would say, of thwarting Moroccan lobbying in Washington and tarnishing the image of the Kingdom with American public opinion in relation to the Sahara issue. , under his contract of 30,000 US dollars monthly.

But Keene is a good client of the capos of Algiers and for good reason he has already had a lobbying activity in their favor between 2006 and 2007 on behalf of the Groupe Carmen, a lobbying firm based in Washington which had once contributed to strengthening relations between Algeria and the United States. Algiers in this respect also allows itself the services of the firms Foley Hoag & Eliot, International Policy Solutions and Rasky Partners… in order to sabotage the diplomatic successes of Morocco and especially to bring down the American decision to recognize the Moroccanity of the Sahara. A waste of time, one might say, because the snake is well and truly swallowed, no offense to the two senile Muppet show made in Algeria. Needless to say, Keene is close to John Bolton, his former colleague at the NRA, who was an adviser to former US President Donald Trump who, incidentally, fired him in 2019.

Bolton is known for vehemently and for a long time supporting the holding of the self-determination referendum. He had even participated in the development of James Baker II’s plan in 2003. In the Senate, David Keene relies on Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe, who is also Chairman of the Defense and Armed Forces Committee of the United States Senate, a position that he does not seem to be able to covet even longer since the guy has no intention at his age and is still happy to stand for re-election. We could add to this beautiful world the two former personal envoys of the UN SG for the Sahara James Baker, and dear Christopher Ross, who between two hangovers and a moment of lucidity to pocket his dues, still manages to open it and go against meaning and reason.

The problem is that these puppets who claim to be experts in American politics have bent their backs so much to their masters that they could not see Donald Trump’s decision to recognize the Moroccanness of his Sahara in being taken aback in this. Normal with regard to an Inhofe holding in the hemicycle, this speech gaga and lacking coherence and from a completely different era. He chaired the work of the Senate Defense Committee, which had examined the appointment of two senior US Army officers for strategic positions, Lieutenants-General (candidate for the post of Commander of AFRICOM), Michael Langley and Bryan Fenton.

I’ve said many times that the world is more dangerous than I’ve seen before in my life and here’s why, China’s military is overtaking us, Russia is destabilizing Europe and the world and North Korea, Iran and terrorist organizations around the world continue to threaten us and record inflation is jeopardizing our purchasing power and with that we face a military recruitment crisis here at home“. Very encouraging. And it wants to relocate the African Lion! Keep talking ! Because, despite this relentless tenacity of the perfectly loyal pro-polisario lobbyist, good old Jim, throughout his career, has never been able to influence any position of the American administration on the Sahara.


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