impending resignation of Boris Johnson as leader of the Conservative Party

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, weakened by numerous departures within his government, will resign on Thursday as leader of the Conservative party, the BBC reported.

Boris Johnson will also do “a statement to the country during the day”said a spokesman for Downing Street, quoted by local media.

According to the BBC, the Prime Minister could remain Prime Minister until the autumn, to allow the election of a new leader among the conservatives.

The departure of Boris Johnson constitutes “good news”, reacted the leader of the opposition Keir Starmer, considering however that “We don’t need a change at the head of the Tories. We need a real change of government”.

The announcement comes as nearly 60 departures have been announced in the government since Tuesday, including five ministers.

Discontent had been simmering for months, fueled by the scandal of illegal parties in Downing Street during the anti-Covid lockdown.


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