Here is what was agreed at the meeting with the ministry

As announced this week by MoroccoLatestNews UK, the representatives of medical students in Morocco were able to obtain a meeting with the two supervisory ministries, Health and Higher Education, and the deans of the faculties after the escalation they observed in Rabat on Tuesday 5 July when they also led a general strike of courses and internships. Point.

The National Commission for Medical Students in Morocco (CNEM) met on Wednesday July 6 with the two supervisory ministries as well as the network of faculty deans to discuss the most important points of concern to students, in particular the integration of students from Ukraine, the increase in the number of student seats, scholarships and allowances, as well as postgraduate training.

Concerning the first point, the CNEM specifies, in a press release, that the Ministry of Higher Education has not reconsidered its decision to integrate students from Ukraine into Moroccan faculties “despite the categorical rejection of the emanating from the General Assembly,” noting that Miraoui’s ministry has promised to submit the matter to the Presidency and the Council of Government for consideration.

With regard to the increase in staff, the CNEM considers that it is inconceivable to speak of discussing this point in the current context and without having first expanded the training grounds and hospital internships, in addition to the increase in the number of teachers and people in order to comply with WHO recommendations, which would guarantee, according to her, ” good training and quality care that meets the aspirations of citizens“.

In this sense, the Commission announces that the two ministries have promised to sign in the coming days a contractual program between the Ministry of Health, Higher Education and Finance before the Head of Government, which would meet the needs of faculties and hospitals according to percentages in line with the recommendations.

However, the CNEM notes the reserve of the two ministries to provide tangible data on the contractual program, given that it is under discussion at the level of the presidency of the government, before it is detailed after the signing of a framework programme, and will therefore subsequently return to the Commission with all the data.

In the light of these points, and the promises made by the two ministries, the CNEM indicates that it has observed nothing ” concrete despite the tutelage’s persistence in presenting things as an opportunity to improve conditions. The CNEM thus affirmed its adherence to its position and to the decisions of the Assembly.

With regard to scholarships and allowances, the Commission revealed that “according to the Ministry of Health and that of Higher Education, the Ministry of Finance approved the increase in the budget (after its exhaustion) allocated to the payment of unpaid allowances (6000 dirhams) which will be paid upon receipt by the Ministry of Finance for medical and pharmacy students, with the disbursement of all compensation due (2000 dirhams) for dental students 2015.

It was also confirmed that this last indemnity, continues the CNEM, is in the final stages of its completion before its disbursement thus calling on anyone who has changed their bank account to provide the Ministry of Health with the new RIB to receive the money.

As for ” Minhaty“, which is a higher education scholarship, the CNEM indicates that it has worked on this point as a priority since the first meetings, and finally succeeded, after numerous attempts, in lifting the suspension which prevented its disbursement, noting that the 24 and July 25 have been set as the deadline for the payment of the three installments for the benefit of final year students, according to the ministry of Abdellatif Miraoui, and the National Office for University, Social and Cultural Works.

Finally, and concerning the 3rd century, the CNEM indicates that the Ministry of Higher Education, as well as the network of deans, are committed to the fact that there is no alternative to joint work with the Commission national in the first place, and the systematic implementation to reform the third cycle.

In this sense, it was agreed on a cycle of meetings, local, with the deans of the faculties, as well as national with the Ministry of Higher Education and the network of deans, in order to involve the Commission in the production and approving the content of the postgraduate course before its implementation, as well as discussing all the problems related to medical and pharmaceutical training during these meetings.

Thus, the first meeting will take place on Wednesday July 20 to discuss the rest of the points concludes the CNEM which specifies that if the agreed points are not carried out, and if the supervision persists in its ambiguity, a national general assembly immediately after Aid Al-Adha to study his data and decide on the escalation steps that will follow.


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