"Morocco has always taken the initiative to host major African competitions"

Morocco has always taken the initiative to apply to host the various African football competitions, said Friday in Rabat, the president of the Confederation of African Football (CAF), Patrice Motsepe.

“At CAF, we are proud of Morocco, which has been the sole candidate several times to host CAF competitions. Other countries should follow in the footsteps of the Kingdom and submit their applications”said Patrice Motsepe, during a press conference held at the Prince Moulay Abdellah Sports Complex in Rabat, on the eve of the women’s CAN final between the Moroccan team and their South African counterpart.

“I am grateful for the contribution of Morocco and the Moroccan people to the development of African football”he continued, reiterating his gratitude to King Mohammed VI and the Moroccan people.

“I am impressed by the work done by Morocco for the success of the Women’s CAN 2022. I am confident that Morocco will make every effort to make a success of the final between Morocco and South Africa on Saturday”he said, believing that “Morocco is a good example of success”. “African football will emerge champion. The two protagonists will certainly give the public a good show”he added, noting that Africa has the talents and capabilities to win international competitions.

And to emphasize that the CAN Morocco 2022 is “good proof of success”.

According to the CAF president, football brings together all nations and promotes the values ​​of tolerance and living together, noting that the Morocco 2022 edition broke all records in terms of public attendance.

He stressed, in this sense, the importance of investing more in developing women’s and men’s football, whether at the level of football schools or academies, calling on clubs to pay players well. .

The final of the women’s CAN will pit the Moroccan and South African teams against each other on Saturday (9 p.m.) at the Prince Moulay Abdellah sports complex in Rabat.


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