Hamdi's recommendations for the second booster dose

More and more countries are opening the second booster dose to populations aged under 80, in a context of epidemic rebound. In Morocco, the supervision of Health and social protection by announcing its action plan this week, indicated that people over the age of 60, the vulnerable and the immunocompromised (very vulnerable) could benefit from the second “booster” dose, or fourth dose.

Also at this time when a wave of the coronavirus is in full swing, MoroccoLatestNews has asked Dr Tayeb Hamdi, doctor, researcher in health policies and systems, for clarification.

From the start he warns:Let’s be clear ! If we talk about waves, BA.5, two booster doses, closed spaces, barrier gestures, that in no way means that there is a risk for public health, or a threat to the health system or fears of binding restrictive measures for social life or the economy”.

“For this summer season and at least until the end of autumn there will only be risks for vulnerable people who are not properly vaccinated. Practically, only these people have to fear for their lives, and those around them and who love them have to share this fear by acting positively.he said.

Primo will tell us again the seeker, ” the virus first targets the vulnerable, so vaccination must prioritize them for immune equity. Since its emergence, the COVID-19 virus has always significantly killed this category of people (by age or disease) more than others..

” VSand what you need to know, continues Dr. Tayeb Hamdi, “ it is that, the more the pandemic evolves, the more its virus erodes and the immunity and protection of this fragile category that we designate by the expression vulnerable. Studies and other experiences around the world have shown that this second booster dose, or quite simply fourth dose, restores the right to life, particularly for this category weakened by age or disease by reducing this inequity as much as possible.“.

And to add by advancing figures that leave no doubt as to the main victims of this scourge. ” Vulnerability and non-vaccination are the two providers of serious cases and deaths, it has been found that in the current wave, the average age of death is 68 years. Almost 9 out of 10 people are over 60, and 19 out of 20 deaths had at least one chronic condition. 86% of deaths were recorded among the unvaccinated or the incompletely vaccinated”he notes.

“Half of them received no dose (despite age and comorbidities), three-quarters of the incompletely vaccinated had received only a single dose or two doses and were infected one year after their last dose. Ten people who died were triple vaccinated, over 62 years old and chronically ill, were infected more than six months after their booster dose instead of the recommended four months“, emphasizes the expert again.

Covid: Dr Tayeb Hamdi's recommendations for the second booster dose
doctor hamdi strongly recommends the second dose booster

He backs up his claim by saying that “ the first booster dose – known as the third – remains the backbone of public health protection. During a wave with a new, more contagious variant like the one we are currently going through, the public health priority remains first and foremost the first booster dose (so-called third). However, very vulnerable people (immunocompromised) and vulnerable even triple vaccinated run despite everything, a growing risk of catching the BA.5 virus and of having serious forms of COVID or of dying. Also, they are strongly advised (very vulnerable people in priority and in emergency and all the vulnerable too), a second booster dose (fourth)”.

The Health Policy and Systems Researcher will conclude: “It is highly recommended that very vulnerable people (over 80, on dialysis, having received an organ transplant, with several chronic diseases, with cancers or immunosuppressive drugs) benefit from this second booster dose, also known as the fourth dose. Its efficiency when you are 60 and over reduces the risk of hospitalizations, severe forms and death by 80 to 90% compared to those who received only the first booster dose. It is proven, there is always a residual risk that can be reduced by the second booster dose. Every preventable death is one death too many and there is never one life too many..


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