Hajar Bouali receives the Diana Awards and becomes the 2nd Moroccan to win this prize

A 4th year Pharmacy student in Casablanca, Hajar Bouali received the “Diana Awards” prize. This is the highest honor a young person between the ages of 9 and 25 can obtain for their social action and humanitarian efforts. Hajar Bouali and so far the second Moroccan to win this award in the entire Maghreb region.

Created in memory of Diana, the late Princess of Wales, the prize is awarded by the charity of the same name and is supported by her two sons, the Duke of Cambridge, Prince Williams, and the Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry.

It is a pleasure to receive such an award. The announcement was made on July 1, which marks Princess Diana’s birthday, during a virtual ceremony due to Covid. But normally we were supposed to go to London and receive the award from Princes Harry and Williams.“, entrusts us with joy Hajar Bouali.

Hajar’s involvement with the “ International Federation of Pharmaceutical Students (IPSF) started four years ago. As President of the Mediterranean Region, Hajar uses her influence to create opportunities for others, such as through the “ Skill-Up and the WHO simulation where international pharmacy students are brought together, introduced to soft skills and have the space to practice them in the field, the young student tells us.

Hajar Bouali’s hard work doesn’t stop there. She also founded the club ” The Great Debaters FMPC helping more than 250 medical and pharmacy students feel more empowered and confident to speak at high-level scientific meetings, congresses and conferences.

She has also completed more than 50 hours of training for hundreds of people aged 13 to 30, led several public health promotion campaigns, chaired the “IPSF” delegation in the “68th WHO EMRO RC”, the “WHO EB 151”, and recently participated in the “ 75th World Health Assembly ” in Geneva.

Asked about the how of the appointment, Hajar Bouali specifies in an interview with MoroccoLatestNews UK that she was nominated by a Nigerian friend, whom she met in the field and who observed and appreciated her hard work and accomplishment.

You just have to work and have an impact in your local, national and international community. And because I worked all over the place, it was a Nigerien friend who saw me at work, how I worked and how relentless I was in the field at national and international level, particularly within of the Federation. Subsequently, he informed me of his intention to nominate me for this award. And that’s what he did“, she explains to us.

Indeed, the winners of the Diana Awards were nominated by adults who know young people in a professional capacity and have recognized their efforts as a positive contribution to society. Through a rigorous nomination process, these nominators had to demonstrate the nominee’s impact in five key areas namely vision, social impact, inspiring others, youth leadership and journey of service.

When the nomination period is over, a panel of 20 juries representing each region or nation in the UK and overseas, including three judges who understand the value of young people and one youth representative, judge them nominated to the using the criteria guide and the rating guide that have been created to measure the quality of youth social action. This judging panel has one primary purpose of determining which entries will receive the award. “, she specifies.

The Diana Awards is the oldest award for young people which is awarded to individuals only through a retrospective nomination process.

“It’s special because young people don’t work for the prize, rather they demonstrate their ability through their actions, without any expectation of reward“, concludes Hajar Bouali.


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