Fuel prices in Morocco affected by the rise of the dollar

Mustapha Baitas attributed the drop in fuel prices on the international market to the rise in the dollar rate in Morocco.

The rise of the dollar against the dirham directly affects imports“, declared Baitas during the press conference, this Thursday. Mustapha Baitas justified his claims by saying, “Our country does not produce oil, and all our needs are imported, which makes us directly concerned by the various effects experienced by this organic and energetic material”. The government spokesperson noted that “fuel prices in Morocco are controlled by the international price which is 61%, in addition to 31% of taxes and fees controlling the final price, and 4% by distribution and installments“.

On the other hand, Baitas acknowledged the increase in state revenue from fuel taxes due to the increase in its price. He stated : “Until the end of the first six months of the current year, tax revenue increased by 1.3 billion dirhamsbut he replied to those calling for a reduction in fuel consumption tax that the government had provided 2.1 billion dirhams of support to transport professionals in order to guarantee purchasing power for citizens using the public transport.

The government spokesman also invoked the executive’s allocation of an additional 16 billion to maintain the price of the domestic sale of butane gas and ensure the stability of sugar prices. Also, he noted that “our country needs a policy of targeting and directing support towards its beneficiaries,noting that “this is what will be achieved after downloading the workshops of the unified social register“.

Regarding fuel prices, which have fallen by around 1 DH for diesel and gasoline, the government spokesperson has called on distributors to ensure that this reduction is applied.at all service stations, as this directly impacts the purchasing power of citizens“.

On the other hand, the official government spokesperson responded to the criticisms addressed to the Head of Government, Aziz Akhannouch, on social networks, by launching a hashtag calling for his departure. In this regard, he said,the government is listening to all expressions of any kind, listening to them very carefully, and doing its best to interact and respond and take all measures that may reduce the prices of a number of materials that have experienced increasesadding, “our country chose the democratic option and organized fair and transparent elections with the testimony of all international organizations“.

Baitas pointed out that “on the basis of the elections, a government program was formulated which was approved by the parliament, and as a result the government received the parliamentary nomination, and with this the government functionscalling for respect for the election results.


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