FT/The royal vision at the heart of Morocco's success

In 23 years of reign, King Mohammed VI has transformed Morocco by putting it on the rails of modernity, economic development and he is pulling all of Africa with him. The Kingdom multiplies the successes thanks to the enlightened vision of its King, a strategy turned towards the future. Back to those accomplishments.

No sector has been left to chance to trigger development. Morocco, under the leadership of King Mohammed VI, has been able to capitalize on its achievements and transform them into new opportunities which today offer the Moroccan people employment opportunities, infrastructures in line with world standards, and open up the way to international investments that make the kingdom shine abroad, such as the LGV line, the fastest in Africa, the Tangier Med port, the largest in Africa as well, and the strengthening of road networks.

Tourism has been one of the sectors that has experienced the most development since the accession of the King to the throne in 1999. It has propelled Morocco as a destination of choice among the best destinations in the world thanks to the diversity of its landscapes, its climate and its inhabitants known for their warmth and generosity and its security.

A year before the covid-19 pandemic, Morocco broke its record by welcoming 13 million visitors, according to figures from the Moroccan Tourism Observatory, a figure up 5.2% compared to the previous year.

Without hydrocarbons, Morocco has distinguished itself by being a center of services, but has been able to transform one of its natural resources, phosphate, from a simple exporter of this raw material, to a leader in fertilizers and a partner strength from many countries around the world.

It has also become a natural partner of African nations, which it helps to meet their needs in terms of agriculture and support and thus help to support the food security of the continent to which it belongs.

This strong link between the kingdom and its African depth also emanates from the will of King Mohammed VI who has strengthened ties with his home continent since his enthronement. Morocco has become the second largest African investor on the continent in the space of a few years.

King Mohammed VI is also behind a future African megaproject, the Morocco-Nigeria gas pipeline, concluded with President Muhammadu Buhari, which will be the longest offshore gas pipeline in the world which will cross 11 West African countries to supply electricity. gas to Europe. The project will achieve a double breakthrough, energy security and economic integration for the countries concerned.

The Sovereign was a forerunner regarding renewable energies at a time when many still doubted their role and their importance in the future. He bet early on in particular solar energy and wind power, which have made Morocco a recognized model in the world.

These projects will enable Morocco to ensure its energy sovereignty in the years to come, in particular by producing 52% of its electricity needs from renewable energies by 2030.

Morocco has also embarked on the construction of seawater desalination stations to ensure its water security, at a time when the country is facing drought. The country can count on its long coastline, the longest in Africa, with more than 2700 kilometers where several stations will be inaugurated in the medium and long term.

All of these things and more were achieved thanks to the strategic vision of King Mohammed VI and succeeded in tripling the GDP of his country from almost 42 billion dollars to 119 billion dollars in the space of two decades.

And for the next 15 years, the plan for the economic development of the Kingdom is already traced through the New Development Model which has set its objectives by focusing on reforms in several sectors.


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