Forest fire in Tetouan: 34 aerial interventions, 220 hectares affected

Local sources in Tetouan, communicated on the latest developments of the uninterrupted interventions on the ground since Thursday, July 14, to overcome the fire started at the level of the forest of Bni Ayder, commune El-Kharroub, Qaidat of Jabal Lahbib, region from Tetouan.

As of Saturday July 16, it is said, 34 aerial combat flights were carried out by planes specialized in extinguishing fires of the “Canadair” type belonging to the Royal Air Force and of the “Turbo-Trash” type belonging to to the Royal Gendarmerie.

Likewise, additional human and technical reinforcements were deployed to support the firefighting efforts.

In addition, 265 people from 4 neighborhoods moved away from hot spots to ensure their safety.

In addition, a provisional assessment of the losses indicates that the forest area affected by the fire has extended, so far, to approximately 220 hectares.


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