Forest fire in Taza: Some 550 ha ravaged, no human loss to deplore

Efforts were still continuing on Saturday evening to contain the fire declared in the Bab Azhar forest in the municipality of Smià in the province of Taza. The losses recorded so far show 550 hectares of forest cover ravaged by fire, but no human loss.

According to local sources, the intervention teams are continuing their efforts to put out the fires, while the mobilization continues to rescue the inhabitants of the douars concerned.

The field intervention efforts were supported by human and logistical reinforcements from the Royal Armed Forces (FAR), in addition to the continuation of the ground intervention at four outbreaks by teams made up of elements of the FAR, the Gendarmerie Royal, Auxiliary Forces, Civil Protection, water and forest services, local authorities, assisted by volunteers among the inhabitants of the neighboring douars.

According to the same sources, the mobilization continues to rescue the inhabitants of the douars concerned through their evacuation and the securing of threatened homes through the creation of trenches preventing the spread of fires and the uprooting of flammable plants.

It was also proceeded to the formation of teams of permanence to ensure the follow-up and the surveillance of the zones having been the subject of intervention for fear of new outbreaks of fires because of the wind and the high temperatures.


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