Forest fire in Larache: 4,660 hectares affected, 1,325 families evacuated

Mobilization is still underway to contain the forest fire declared at the level of the “Bani Yusef Al Serif” forest (communes of Souk El Qolla and Boujdiane), where the intervention teams and the equipment deployed have been reinforced, indicated from local sources in the province of Larache.

The extent of the surrounding forest area affected by this fire is estimated, on the evening of this Saturday, July 16, at around 4,660 hectares, of which almost half is affected by the flames, it is specified.

The same sources report two relatively large outbreaks, which the response teams are working to contain, while continuing to monitor and treat other areas where the fire is less virulent.

Ground and air interventions were carried out throughout the day, and sophisticated equipment was deployed.

It has, in this sense, proceeded to the safe evacuation of 1,325 families spread over 19 douars, in order to preserve their safety and to deal with all possible risks.


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