financing increases by 31.5%

Financing granted by participating banks increased, year on year, by 31.5% to more than 21 billion dirhams (MMDH), according to a document from Bank Al-Maghrib (BAM) on the monetary statistics of May 2022.

These financings are distributed in particular on real estate (17.53 billion dirhams), consumption (1.18 billion dirhams), equipment (2.04 billion dirhams) and cash (95 million dirhams), specifies BAM. At the same time, the commitments of the participating banks amounted to nearly 7.23 billion dirhams with the banks, mainly in the form of refinancing through the product of “Wakala bil Istithmar” and sight deposits received from the parent banks. the same source.

Checking accounts and current accounts, for their part, climbed by 31% to more than 5.9 billion dirhams, while investment deposits stood at nearly 1.98 billion dirhams.


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