Financial support for road transport professionals will be renewed

Due to soaring fuel prices, the government announced in March 2022 the official launch of the exceptional support process for the benefit of road transport professionals. Support that affected around 180,000 vehicles for an initial budget of 307 million DH.

Since then, professionals have been entitled to several additional payments due to the continuing fuel crisis. And yet, this did not calm their anger because they considered this aid insufficient.

Asked about the renewal of this aid for the benefit of transport professionals due to the continuous rise in fuel prices, the government spokesman, Mustapha Baitas, said during the press briefing held this Wednesday, July 27 at the end of the Council of the government, that there will indeed be another additional payment for the benefit of this category of professionals, and the details of which will be communicated later.

To cope with fuel prices, the financial aid granted by the government to road professionals will be renewed once again. Details on the amount of the installment for the month of August will be fixed according to the fuel prices which change every 1st and 15th of the month“, he explained.

It should be recalled that the Moroccan government launched this support operation for road transport professionals in March with the aim of preserving the purchasing power of citizens, given the current situation characterized by the continued rise in the price of fuels.


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