Education: Akhannouch calls for accelerating system upgrade

The Head of Government, Aziz Akhannouch, underlined Tuesday in Rabat the imperative of accelerating the upgrading of the education system.

“Our country has no choice but to accelerate the upgrading of its education system in order to guarantee a school offer of equity and quality, equal access to education for the different categories of society. , in addition to the pedagogical evolution of the students, the transparency of the training offer and the sustainability of the financial resources necessary for the education system in the long term”, indicated Akhannouch during the monthly session of public policy at the Chamber of Councillors.

He also pointed out that there has recently been a realization that the reform of education and training has become, more than ever, an essential issue for promoting cohesion, justice and peace. social.

“This is an objective that should encourage us all to demonstrate a real will to change management methods and establish a clear and ambitious framework,” he said, noting that the government has made the development of human capital one of the pillars of the consolidation of the social State, focusing on the success of the school of equal opportunities by promoting interest in culture and sport , as essential entry points for all citizens to enjoy their constitutional right to education and to progress individually and socially.

The government program, he continued, revolves around a holistic approach to ensure equal opportunities for education through six main axes, namely the generalization of primary schooling to all 4 year olds; the strengthening of basic primary skills, in particular reading, writing, mathematics and coding, the generalization of communal schools, transport and school canteens; the enhancement of the teaching profession and the strengthening of skills by investing in higher education and scientific research, in addition to professional and continuing training.

And to emphasize that these fundamental axes will make it possible to implement the recommendations of the New Development Model which aims to make a real leap forward in the education system, while placing public schools at the heart of the societal project by 2035 by providing it with the necessary mechanisms to teach basic skills, ensure the social integration of students and support their academic and professional success.

Photo Mounir Mehimdate

In this regard, the Head of Government stressed the need to overcome the multidimensional crisis from which the national education system is suffering, by regaining the confidence of Moroccans in schools and teachers, and by restoring their role in adapting to the rapid transformations that the world is experiencing today.


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