Drop of 1dh/l this Friday at midnight

The news was eagerly awaited: a drop in fuel prices which have recently reached unprecedented heights. It will be done this Friday at midnight. Indeed, after having soared since the start of the armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine, oil prices are falling sharply, and are gradually returning to their pre-war level.

According to the leaders of the National Federation of Commercial Owners and Service Station Managers in Morocco (FNPCGS), “a significant drop of around 1 dirham per liter for both products, diesel and unleaded gasoline, has been observed since this July 15”, which should imply a lower price internationally.

Nevertheless, they point out, some stations will be “ obliged to maintain prices unchanged, the time to liquidate their stocks purchased at a high price. Otherwise, they would have to bear considerable losses”.

According to experts, if the downward trend is confirmed, prices at the pump will continue to fall every 15 days, with the aim of returning to known price levels, i.e. less than 10 dh/l.

As a reminder, the rise in prices at the pump had led in its wake to a surge at all levels, in particular the transport of people and goods. A deal that was particularly felt in these times of Aid Al Adha, synonymous with consumption and a major movement of the population.

Citizens complained, pell-mell, about the prices of food, intercity transport and that of Al Aid sheep, which had led to anger widely expressed in the streets and on social networks.


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