Diplomas, resumption of face-to-face studies, details of a meeting held behind closed doors

The case of students forced to leave Ukraine due to the outbreak of war is still pending. Despite a call for dialogue launched by the Minister of Higher Education to families, no practical solution seems to have yet been found for this category of students. The families therefore turned to the Ukrainian diplomatic representation in Morocco.

On Thursday, the Chargé d’Affaires of the Embassy of Ukraine in Rabat received a commission from members of the National Office of the Association of Parents of Moroccan Students in Ukraine.

President of the said association, Abdelkader El-Youssfi presented, in a statement to MoroccoLatestNewsthe conclusions of this meeting held behind closed doors with the Chargé d’Affaires of the Embassy of Ukraine.

“The Embassy of Ukraine has addressed several correspondences to the Ukrainian Ministries of Higher Education and Foreign Affairs, which are still awaiting a response, and whose delay is due to the restructuring within the Department of Higher Education “.

During this meeting, it was confirmed that all students who completed their studies would receive their certificates and diplomas, says El-Youssfi. “ We have received promises to prepare an appropriate formula to ensure that students graduate“, he asserted.

Among the topics discussed at this meeting was the organization of the competition ” Fang for third-year medical students. In this regard, the representative of the families of the students indicated that “theembassy made it clear that as long as the war continues, the review will be postponed to a later date“, noting that the association demanded the cancellation of this competition, like last year’s students. ” We have also insisted that if these exams take place, the language of instruction must be taken into consideration.“, he clarified.

The charge d’affaires of the Ukrainian embassy in Rabat also noted during this meeting, according to our interlocutor, that ” the Ministry Ukrainian of Higher Education is considering, within the framework of agreements with certain neighboring countries such as Turkey, Georgia and Romania, for the programming of practical work in favor of its students in these countries”.

And to add: We have also been informed that the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Health have requested clarification on how distance learning is conducted in Ukraine.“.

It should be noted in the sense that in March 2022, Ukrainian universities had called on Moroccan hospitals to open their doors to medical students to carry out their internship. But since the Moroccan Ministry of Health did not react to this suggestion, the hospitals did the same.

Regarding the settlement of financial charges to universities and institutes for the next university season, El-Youssfi clarified that “payment will be made directly between students and universities once there“.

Regarding the renewal of the residence permit, in case of resumption of face-to-face studies, El-Youssfi stressed that the problem will be resolved urgently and as soon as possible.

Thus, the representative of the families of the students of Ukraine welcomed the continuation of the dialogue with the Embassy of Ukraine, while the dialogue is almost non-existent with the Ministry of Higher Education in Morocco, criticizing what he has qualified as “+closed door policy+, adopted by the ministry, to seek a solution, whatever it may be, to the file of students forced to leave Ukraine ».

It is an exceptional circumstance. The file must be treated in an exceptional way, like the rest of the crises that our country is going through and which mobilize all efforts”, he concluded.


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