Despite promises of pension reform, citizens still receive less than 500 Dhs per month

In 2016, the government of Abdelilah Benkirane announced the reform of the pension system by raising pensions for retirees to a minimum of 1,000 Dhs. Six years later, and despite the advent of the government of Aziz Akhannouch, which made similar promises, some retired Moroccan citizens still receive “miserable” pensions, which do not reach the minimum set by the executive.

Testimonials collected by MoroccoLatestNews reflect this bitter reality. Mr. Marjani is one of the citizens who receive a pension of less than 1,000 dirhams. The annual amount he receives for his retirement does not exceed 10,080 dirhams, or 840 dirhams/month, according to what is indicated in the pension certificate issued by the Moroccan Pension Fund (CMR).

According to his son, Marjani was a resistance member within the Liberation Army. He has suffered for years from a permanent handicap, and he even suffered an amputation of both legs.

While the monthly pension of 840 dirhams received by this retiree does not correspond to the minimum pension promised by successive governments, that received by Abdellah H, a former employee of the Independent Transport Agency in Fez, does not exceed 600 dirhams per month.

Indeed, Abdellah.H was not able to justify the number of days of work required of contribution to entitle him to the pension of the National Social Security Fund (CNSS), i.e. 3240 days, which been referred to the private sector pension system of the Moroccan Interprofessional Pension Fund (CIMR). After years of work, he only receives 600 dirhams per month today and at his age.

Despite the low pension he receives, Abellah. M, himself confirms that there are other workers whose pension value does not exceed 300 or 400 dirhams per month. It is neither the price of rent, nor that of electricity, nor even that of a good race at the corner grocer.

The suffering of families whose fathers receive meager pensions does not stop there. It is accentuated after the death of the head of the family. That is to say that even if he received the minimum pension, set at 1000 dirhams, his widow only has 500 dirhams left, or 50% of the pension, as stipulated in the law.

This situation is experienced by Fatima. R, whose gross annual pension does not exceed 6,027.84 dirhams, or 502.32 dirhams per month, according to the pension benefit certificate issued to him by the CNSS.

And if the gross pension received by Fatima, who takes care of a family of several members, and whose one of the sons has been suffering from a serious mental illness for years, does not exceed 502.32 dirhams, the The entry into force of the social protection program reduced the value of his already mediocre pension since he was deducted 272.40 dirhams annually for the benefit of the CNSS, leaving him only 479.62 dirhams to cover all the needs of his family. .


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