Death of "Chef Omar": The King deplores the disappearance of a "talented child and a passionate cook"

King Mohammed VI sent a message of condolence and compassion to the family of the child Omar Archane “Chief Omar”, who died Thursday at the age of 16, following a long illness.

In his message, the Sovereign deplored the disappearance of a talented child and a passionate cook who was able, thanks to his courage and his love for life, to win the esteem and consideration of his public through relevant digital content that encourages children, especially those with special needs, to create, innovate and seek ways to enable them to achieve their dreams and ambitions.

In this difficult ordeal, the King also expressed to the members of the family of the deceased, and through them to their loved ones and to the admirers of the late, his deep condolences and his sincere feelings of compassion, imploring the Almighty to surround the deceased of his holy mercy and to grant patience and comfort to the members of his family.


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