Creation of a Military Zone in the North of the Kingdom

The idea of ​​a fourth military zone in the Kingdom is gaining ground and it is even rumored that its formalization would materialize next month in August, just after the two national holidays next August, during of the Revolution of the King and the People and the Youth Day on August 20 and 21 of the same month. La Grande Muette being what she is, there is no intention here to affirm or invalidate anything.

However, sources report on this news which is taking more and more shape in view of an incessant coming and going. It was in an identical context that the creation of the said Zone had been unveiled, without trumpets or bluster, the review of the FAR first announcing the news before the media jumped on the information. So let’s wait! However, after the creation of the East Zone of the Royal Armed Forces (FAR) last January, all along the eastern border with Algeria, a zone headed by Major General Mohamed Miqdad and which has its headquarters in Errachidia, everything is indicated for Morocco to soon install a fourth military zone and this time in northern Morocco.

The East Zone had been created in a context of strong tension with Algiers and had come to reinforce a system of defense of the national territory long pre-established in two North-South zones. As a result, the latter was divided into three zones to give “more flexibility and freedom of action” to the FAR. Until then, it should be remembered, our Royal Armed Forces were organized into sectors and sub-sectors.

Also, we are currently witnessing a restructuring of our valiant Royal Armed Forces of which the King of Mohammed VI is the Supreme Chief and the Chief of the General Staff. All good! The creation of this new entity will aim, in which case, to ensure the coherence of the command, control and support of the land, air and maritime components of our FAR in this area. in order to give them more flexibility and freedom of action, necessary for the accomplishment of the various missions that they will have to accomplish in a tense regional contextaccording to our source.

This new area is also part of the just cause of the Kingdom and its defense policy. Indeed, while our glorious FAR are in the process of modernizing and acquiring more quality in their development, Rabat continues to strengthen its ties with Washington and Tel Aviv. As a result, the list of sophisticated weapons purchases continues to increase exponentially in acquisitions.

This completes Rabat’s efforts to modernize its army by making Morocco a military power in the western Mediterranean. In this respect, Morocco has received the American designation of “major non-NATO ally”, which Washington grants to countries outside the Atlantic Alliance with which it maintains closer relations in terms of security.

The Kingdom has also obtained or will soon obtain other US armaments, such as AH-64 Apache attack helicopters and MQ-9B Sea Guardian naval drones (sold under the Abraham Accords). Recently, Rabat also acquired Franco-Israeli Harfand suicide drones as well as the famous Turkish Bayraktar TB2, anti-tank launchers and missiles, T-72M battle tanks and ammunition for its brand new Turkish Bayraktar TB2 drones.

King Mohammed VI, in a speech on the occasion of the 66th anniversary of the creation of the FAR, insisted on the objective of rearming the country, strengthening and modernizing the armed forces through the development of the military industry local and collaboration with its partners. “We will continue to give priority to the equipment and development plan of the Royal Armed Forces, according to integrated programs, based in particular on the creation of military industries and the development of scientific research with the aim of developing self-equipment of our Armed Forces in various fields“, had declared in particular the Sovereign.


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