Controversy in the hemicycle after remarks associating the King with the price crisis

An intervention by the National Rally of Independents (RNI) group, emphasizing “the ratification by King Mohammed VI of the government program”, sparked a real controversy on Monday in parliament between the majority and the opposition.

The debate gained in intensity pushing the leader of the popular movement (MP) group, Driss Sentissi to ask the president of the oral questions session to withdraw this sentence from the minutes of this meeting, marked by the presence of several members of the government.

The MP deputies have clearly expressed their refusal to see “the person of the King associated with the debate around the rise in fuel prices”arguing that the program is endorsed by the legislative institution.

Responding to the criticisms of the opposition addressed in particular to the Minister of Economy and Finance, Nadia Fattah, the RNI deputy, Driss Chraibi, tried to rectify the situation, specifying that “the government implements” the government program which has received the approval and endorsement of the King and the Moroccan people.

But nothing helped, the MP parliamentarians demanded the withdrawal at the level of the PV, of any mention “attempting to make the link between the King and the crisis of rising prices”.

In this regard, Mohamed Ouzzine, member of the Epi group, said: “We can agree, as we can disagree, but what we cannot disagree on is that the King is that of all Moroccans, majority and opposition”.

It is not reasonable for MPs today to propose a government project or program that has been approved by Parliament, and they say that Sidna has approved it”he added.

For his part, Driss Sentissi, who reiterated his request for withdrawal, indicated that “The King must be kept away from the government program, and not be associated with and bear the responsibility for increases in the cost of living”.


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