Contrasting results for Morocco, which loses in the rankings

The Mediterranean Games in Oran ended in a poor performance for Moroccan athletes who won 33 medals, finishing in 15th place. This is the worst ranking for Morocco, but not the worst score in terms of medals.

Since its first participation in the Mediterranean Games, organized in Beirut in 1959, Morocco had not achieved such a low ranking. So far, 12th place was his worst performance.

But this year, there are 3 places less for the Kingdom, but it will be a good lesson to be learned and an additional experience, for Moroccan athletes who must already prepare for the Paris Olympic Games. in 2024.

The Moroccan athletes who went to Oran are young and for some, the lack of experience was felt. Nevertheless, despite the mixed score, the athletes still managed to beat their record for medals won during the previous edition of the JM.

Indeed, in 2018 in Tarragona, Morocco won 24 medals and this year, 33 were won, including 3 gold, 13 silver and 17 bronze. These are therefore 9 medals more than 4 years ago, that Moroccan athletes have won.

Morocco, known for winning the most medals in the Athletics category, only managed to take 2 gold medals this year. One of the highlights of these Mediterranean Games, which were marked by a tense atmosphere from the start due to the political situation, was nevertheless the performances of several young nationals.

This is the case of Mohamed Hammout (boxing), Mohcine Outalha (half-marathon), Ayoub Bassel and Fatima Ezzaahra Aboufaras (taekwondo) with the silver medal and Soufiyan Bouqantar (5,000 m). Morocco shone with the double in the men’s 5,000m with Soufiyan Bouqantar who won the gold medal ahead of his compatriot Mohamed Fares.

In football, the U18 national team also made a very encouraging score by winning the bronze medal.


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