Constitutional referendum in Tunisia: The "yes" won by 94.6% of the vote

Some 94.6% of Tunisians voted in favor of the draft of the new Constitution during the referendum organized on Monday, announced Tuesday evening the president of the independent electoral body for the elections (Isie), Farouk Bouasker.

According to the preliminary results of the referendum on the new Constitution, 94.60% (2,670,884 voters) said “yes” to the draft Constitution, against 5.50% who said “no” (148,723 voters).

There are also 56,479 invalid votes and 17,008 blank votes, according to Bouasker, who specifies that the number of voters registered on the electoral lists has reached 9,278,541 registered.

The turnout for the closing of polling stations in the referendum on Tunisia’s new constitution was 27.54%, according to the ISIE.

Slightly more than 2.4 million voters voted among those registered on the ISIE electoral register.

“We reported perfect organization during the various stages of the referendum process,” added the head of the Tunisian electoral body.

The electoral body will have until Thursday to announce the final results of some 4,800 polling centers and 11,600 polling stations spread across the country’s 24 provinces.

The draft of the new Constitution had been the subject of great controversy, sometimes bitter criticism and strong opposition from political and social forces.

While the political and social forces deplore the absence of any dialogue and consultation on a fundamental law which determines the future of the country and which has been hastily prepared, supporters of President Kaïs Saïed maintain that this consultation should allow the country to break definitively with a corrupt political class responsible for all the ills from which the country currently suffers.

The Tunisian head of state also accuses the political class that has governed the country since 2011 of being responsible for the setbacks the country is experiencing and the great difficulties it is going through and especially for the endemic corruption that has plagued the country.

Several parties had called for a massive abstention. In the other direction, other political formations like the “Movement of the People” (Nasserite), called to participate in the referendum and to vote “Yes”.

In addition to this middleweight political formation, there is the “Popular Current” party, the Alliance for Tunisia, Tunisia in the Front as well as many associations and personalities from various backgrounds have called for a favorable vote. .

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