Commercial activity resumes in small towns after the arrival of MREs

After two years of absence due to the health crisis due to Covid-19, Moroccans residing abroad (MRE) are finally back in the motherland to the delight of their families, but also traders.

Indeed, several small towns in the Kingdom have experienced good commercial momentum in recent weeks due to the arrival of the Moroccan community residing abroad, in this summer season which also coincides with Eid Al-Adha, which has strongly contributed to the recovery of the local economy hit by the crisis due to the repercussions of Covid-19 for two years.

It is thus expected that this summer of 2022 will experience positive economic dynamism after the lifting of restrictions linked to the pandemic, unlike the last two years which have negatively affected the national economy.

And that’s what was noticed by MoroccoLatestNews recently. Indeed, a significant commercial movement has been observed in a number of small towns in southern Morocco, given the migration of most of their population abroad in the 70s and 80s of the last century, which forced them to depend, among other things, on remittances from Moroccans around the world.

In detail, the Moroccan community residing abroad transferred currencies to the motherland, which amounted to some 38.3 billion dirhams during the first months of the current year. According to data from the Foreign Exchange Office, these transfers increased by about 5% compared to the same period last year, which amounted to 36.4 billion dirhams.

In this sense, the economist Driss Issaoui affirmed that “ the summer period and the religious holidays are an important opportunity for this community to return to the homeland, which therefore contributes to generating enormous financial income for the national economy, but also to the development of the local economy of a certain number of cities, especially smaller ones “.

In a statement to MoroccoLatestNewsDriss Aissaoui pointed out that “ the Moroccan community residing abroad carries with it various investment opportunities, which helps to boost economic life “, noting that” King Mohammed VI pays particular attention to Moroccans in the diaspora “.

The same expert explained that “ MREs bring with them many goods and services that they market in Morocco, and also organize parties followed by various artistic activities, which delights families” who welcome them with great pomp, thus emphasizing “ the importance of the economic and social role that this community plays in our country “.


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