Casabus reinforces 12 bus lines to the beaches

With the arrival of the summer period, Casabus operated by alsa announces the strengthening of twelve bus lines to the beaches, including eight lines ” Direct and four Indirects”.

In detail, these are lines 11, 20, 38, 55, 64, 82, 301, 800, 900, 902, 903 and 904 which pass through the busiest beaches in Casablanca including Ain Diab, Tamaris, Miramar , Manesmane, Monica, Sablettes and others said Casabus in a press release.

Thus, Casabus confirms its desire to offer Casablanca residents a transport service that meets their expectations and adapts to their lifestyles. ” By reinforcing the beach lines, Casabus adapts to the demand of the summer season in order to meet the mobility needs of users and anticipate the high influx to the beaches during the summer.“, can we read in the press release.


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