Casablanca: Tibu Africa celebrates the girls who benefit from the organization's various programs and initiatives

Tibu Africa organized, this beginning of the week in Casablanca, a series of activities to celebrate the girls and women who benefit from the various programs and initiatives of the organization.

This celebration organized within the premises of the schools of the 2nd chance – New Generation – Oriented Sports Professions in Casablanca, Tibu Africa celebrated several initiatives in partnership with the Ministry of National Education, Preschool and Sports, the Royal Netherlands Football Federation (KNVB) through the World Coaches program, the Embassy of the Netherlands in Morocco and the We4She association.

On this occasion, an inspiring conference was organized by a delegation made up of experts from the KNVB – Royal Netherlands Football Federation and International Ambassadors of the World Coaches program, under the theme “Girls and women in sport”.

The Ambassadors of the World Coaches program shared with the young women and men who benefited from the Second Chance Program, and the girls who benefited from the Girls CAN program, their professional experiences and life stories that allowed them to realize their dreams and strengthen their abilities through sport.

The participants also shared the difficulties and challenges they faced, especially with regard to access to sports, calling on all girls to have confidence in themselves and to defend their dreams in order to achieve their goals and succeed. their career.

In this sense, Claudia vd Heiligenberg, Ambassador of the World Coaches program, said that the program offers girls the opportunity to develop their abilities and build their personality as coaches.

The program also teaches them life skills, particularly in terms of working together and self-development, with the aim of acquiring skills that will enable them in turn to contribute to the development of their societies, and to inspire and help other girls, she added.

For his part, Mohamed Amine Zariat, president of the NGO Tibu Africa, underlined that sport today contributes significantly to the development of endurance capacities in girls and women.

He also noted that Tibu Africa is working with its partners to multiply initiatives with a strong social impact, particularly those related to sport, in order to support girls in creating their own paths to personal and professional success.

At the same time, We4She and Tibu Africa signed a partnership agreement in favor of young girls in NEET situations (Not in Employment, Education or Training – neither in employment, nor in education, nor in training).

This agreement aims to support the efforts of the Tibu Africa organization in terms of boosting the human capital of young girls and supporting young people in sustainable professional integration, in addition to supporting activities and programs focused on education. and the socio-economic integration of girls through sport.

On the sidelines of this celebration, a new football field was also inaugurated in Derb Sultan, which aims to be a safe and inclusive space and which will allow young girls, mothers and the community of the district to benefit from a free program based on education through sport in order to develop motor, cognitive and socio-affective skills.


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