Between Rabat and Berlin, a shared desire to give new vigor to their partnership

Clarity and mutual respect are the key words of the diplomatic approach advocated and applied by the Kingdom, under the leadership of King Mohammed VI. A royal doctrine which finds its full meaning in the new era of relations between Morocco and Germany, emphasizing full respect for the constants and specificities of the two countries, so as to serve the common interests of the two peoples and to contribute to the achieving security, stability and prosperity in the Euro-Mediterranean area.

Under the royal impetus, a new state of mind now punctuates relations between two countries linked by long-standing multifaceted cooperation and determined to give renewed vigor to their global partnership, in a spirit of consistency. and mutual respect.

The exchange of letters between the President of the Federal Republic of Germany, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, and King Mohammed VI, has come, for this purpose, to emphasize the mutual interest of sealing a new partnership between the two countries.

The new dynamic, set in motion between the two countries, in fact comes in the wake of the message addressed to the King by the President of the Federal Republic of Germany, in which the German Head of State “welcomes the vast reforms carried out under the leadership of His Majesty the King”considers the autonomy initiative for the Sahara as a “good basis” for the resolution of the question of the Moroccan Sahara and expresses its “recognition for the Sovereign’s active commitment to the peace process in Libya”.

In his message, Frank-Walter Steinmeier underlined the vast reforms undertaken by the Kingdom, under the leadership of the Sovereign, the ”continuous and sustained support” of his developing country ”impressive” of Morocco and the innovative approaches of the King in the fight against climate change and energy transition.

“Thanks to the dynamic development of Your country, Morocco has become an important investment location for German companies in Africa”affirmed the German President, who did not fail to highlight the important role of the Kingdom at the regional level.

The interest shared by Rabat and Berlin to once again intensify bilateral development cooperation in the areas of economic development and employment, sustainable development, climate, renewable energies and water was thus devoted to the highest level.

The two countries underline their great mutual interest in close and friendly relations and thus agree to start a new dialogue, in order to deepen their multifaceted bilateral relations.

Convinced of the importance of their great potential, Rabat and Berlin reaffirmed the shared desire to give additional impetus to their relationship in terms of the challenges and demands of post-Covid recovery. Concretely, the successive meetings between Moroccan and German officials gave substance to this common desire to move forward.

The aim is to develop a common vision of priorities and appropriate possibilities for the implementation of development cooperation in the years to come, with the aim of deepening dialogue and cooperation and contributing with a common effort master future regional and global challenges.

In the context of development cooperation, this means, among other things, taking up the impulses of the New Development Model (NMD), while at the same time promoting economic recovery after the Covid-19 pandemic.

In this regard, the German federal government has expressed its determination to support, even more than before, a transition to renewable energies in Morocco in sectors of the future, such as the development of a hydrogen economy. green.

To this end, bilateral development cooperation will use all instruments and accesses by involving all actors and will also contribute to strengthening the strategic, multidimensional and privileged relationship between the European Union and Morocco.

It is on this basis, with clear and precise parameters, that Morocco and Germany have decided to open a new page in their partnership and explore the future with optimism, coherence, mutual respect and ambition.


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