Aviv Kohavi in ​​Marrakech and Benguerir

Lieutenant General Aviv Kohavi, the first IDF Chief of Staff to travel to Morocco on an official visit, was between two security briefings yesterday, Wednesday in Marrakech and region. He stopped at the Jewish cemetery and attended a prayer service at the Slat al-Azama Synagogue and met with members of the Red City’s Jewish community. “The Kingdom of Morocco is an ally of the State of Israel, and our bond is an example of a deep and special bond between two nations, based on a common heritage,” Aviv Kohavi said on the occasion.

Later accompanied by the head of the IDF’s international cooperation division, Effie Defrin, and the head of the intelligence research division, Amit Saar, he then traveled to Benguerir where he met the commander of the base. Benguerir Air Force, Colonel Major Hassan Mahwar where security was discussed with officials of the Moroccan Air Force. During this visit, the military leaders discussed a possible cooperation between the air forces of the two countries as the trip of Lieutenant-General Aviv Kohavi to Morocco reflects a reciprocal desire to accelerate military and security cooperation between the two countries.

In Benguerir, there was talk of training and cooperation and the possible use of Moroccan military air bases for technical stops (refueling or refueling and aircraft maintenance, etc.) of air force planes from Israel en route to the United States. As a reminder, Morocco and Israel have signed a contract for the purchase of Israeli drones of the Harop type, also called suicide drone or kamikaze drone. According to General Ran Kochav, spokesman for the Israeli army, this visit aims to advance military cooperation between the two countries for the upcoming exercise and to strengthen military cooperation in the fields of training, exchange of experiments, weapons development, transfer of knowledge and perhaps also weapons.

The Israeli Chief of Staff, during his visit to Morocco, had met on Tuesday, the Minister Delegate to the Head of Government in charge of National Defense Administration Abdellatif Loudiyi. At the General Staff of the Royal Armed Forces, he subsequently met with Lieutenant General Belkhir El Farouk, Inspector General of the FAR and the head of the Moroccan Intelligence Directorate Brahim Hassani, as well as other senior defense officials.

During the discussions, the Moroccan side expressed its “interest in jointly setting up defense industrial projects in Morocco“, we said. “The meetings discussed opportunities for military cooperation, both in exercises and training, as well as in operational and intelligence areasthe IDF said in a statement. “The officials noted the historical and cultural ties between the two nations and their common interests in the Middle EastIDF added.

Earlier, Kohavi visited the Mohammed V Mausoleum, where he laid a wreath on behalf of the IDF and Israel and signed a guestbook at the site, the army said.

In its publication, the IDF further stated that “the purpose of the visit is to learn from each other and share knowledge and is part of the IDF’s overall efforts to expand military cooperation with other countries», and concluding that « cThis visit is in addition to recent meetings and cooperation between the two countries, as part of the advancement of military-security cooperation between the State of Israel and the Kingdom of Morocco.“, is it still indicated. This visit reflects the excellent Moroccan-Israeli military cooperation.

It makes it possible to examine the opportunities to further develop its axes relating mainly to training, the transfer of technology as well as the sharing of experience and expertise between the Royal Armed Forces and the Israeli Armed Forces. This visit falls within the framework of the Morocco-USA-Israel tripartite agreement, and the signing last November of the Memorandum of Understanding in the field of defense cooperation, by the Israeli Minister of Defense, Benny Gantz, and the Minister Delegate in charge of DNA, Abdellatif Loudiyi.

The Chief of Staff of the Israeli Defense Forces praised the important role played by Morocco under the enlightened leadership of King Mohammed VI, as an actor of stability and peace for the African continent and the Middle East .


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