An efficient and practical e-commerce solution for small farmers

In agriculture, the marketing of the harvest is the last step for the small farmer, if not the most difficult, after several phases that extend over months, including planting, fertilization, processing, then cultivation and harvesting.

The farmer rarely manages to sell his harvest at a suitable price that allows him to generate a substantial profit margin, given the difficulties of access to the market and the multiplicity of intermediaries in the marketing process.

To meet this great challenge, the OCP Group, through the initiative ” Al Mutmir “, launched a digital application dubbed “[email protected]», 100% Moroccan, and which directly connects farmers with markets and buyers.

This application, set up in partnership with the School of Programming ” 1337 and the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University of Benguerir, aims to promote short circuits and facilitate the marketing of agricultural products and services.

Aziz Sekkouri, a farmer from the commune of Ain Orma, Meknes region, was one of the first beneficiaries of this digital application. Thanks to “[email protected]he was able to sell his cereal harvest quickly, and at a very reasonable price that he had not expected.

In addition to being able to easily sell his harvest, Aziz was able to save money by avoiding travel costs to the markets, but also the passage through intermediaries, and this, by simply taking photos of his harvest and then posting them on his account “[email protected]”.

The application, free and downloadable via ” Google ” and ” Apple“, allows each user to open an account to display their products, communicate with interested parties and negotiate with them the price and delivery method.

Thus, the application[email protected]is considered an online marketplace open to farmers to market their agricultural products. This digital application is characterized by its ease of use, since it allows to open a private space for the farmer through the accounts ” Google », «Facebook », or even via the telephone number.

In an interview with MoroccoLatestNews, Aziz Sekkouri said the app has made the process of selling his crop much easier. He was also able to display his product nationally instead of what happened in the past, where presentation was limited to the local level.

He also underlined having benefited from the services of the program “ Al Mutmir “, which includes all the stages of the technical course of agriculture, from soil analysis and the adoption of rational methods of fertilization, to processing, through cultivation and harvesting, then to marketing. in a simple and fluid way.

Our interlocutor also acknowledged having greatly benefited from the support of the agricultural engineers of the “ Al-Mutmir because he was able, by following their guidelines and instructions, to develop and increase his agricultural production and abandon unnecessary traditional practices.

Launched in 2018 by OCP, the program “ Al Mutmir is a multi-service initiative that offers advanced and personalized offers to support smallholder farmers and motivate them to adopt healthy agricultural practices to increase productivity and preserve natural resources.


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